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We have been providing consulting services to many existing clients we will leverage that experience by providing consulting services to business partners in Canada and MENA region. We will use our business relations and experiences to find the best partners from both sides either Canadian supplier or single territory distributor related with the same industry from the MENA region, to enhance them to make business under our supervision as a professional consulting agent.

Toll Manufacturing

Perona Pharma Inc. will also provide the toll manufacturing services by using the third-party manufacturing facilities in Canada with our own customized formulas by our professional research and development team along with the full services such as packaging, marketing, designing, registration and product knowledge information to our existing potential clients all around the world.


PERONA PHARMA Inc. is the Canadian arm of that will operate under the same dynamic leadership with more uniqueness in terms of products, quality, services, formulation, strategies etc. from Canada to all over the world.

Perona Pharma Inc. will bring the synergies to the group, Perona Pharma Inc. will leverage existing distribution network to rapidly generate sales locally and internationally whereas will be marketing “Made in Canada” labeled products from Perona Pharma Inc. to its existing customer in MENA and ASIA region.

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BABYDROPS - Gripe Water

BABYDROPS Gripe Water can be use without a prescription, or can be taken by consulting a pharmacist without having to go back to the doctor..It is a product that is distinguished by a combination of natural herbs that are very effective for reducing colic pain and symptoms for children, which is safe for children and even newborns.


-Relieves the pain of colic and swelling and saves the child from the gases associated with colds.
-Helps the child to sleep and rest quickly.
-Works to reduce the acidity of the stomach.
-The child is saved from the clutches or clots.

Ginger, fennel, dill. Cumin oil, Peppermint oil